Let's belong at The Very Group

We're a business that doesn't stand still. This makes us a fast-paced, sometimes ambiguous, super exciting place to work. No two days are the same here… 

One day you’re sitting in on a meeting about the latest tech, catching up on the latest product trends, the next you're rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck into our 24/7 opening times during events like Black Friday… there's no place like it.

We’re a diverse bunch – from tech genius’ to creative heroes, but we’ve got a couple of things that link us all. Let’s start with our purpose, the reason we’re all here – to make good things easily accessible to more people, and this means a lot to our customers – we offer them over 1,800 brands and different ways for them to pay, they love us for this and we all play our part in making it happen.

Our five values, Trusted, Ambitious, Proud, Innovative and Together are what drives us, they were created by colleagues and they’re pretty special because they not only represent who we are today but also our aspirations for the future. … I mean nobody’s perfect but we’re getting close. For more on our values click here.

Use your voice, take action, make a difference.

Feedback matters. Whether it’s in-the- moment, via our colleague survey, or how we manage performance, everyone is encouraged and empowered to connect, speak up and take action.

  • Perform is our way of managing performance. It’s all about having great conversations about performance, with no mid-year or annual reviews. It’s about making sure our people are clear on their priorities and regularly checking in on their progress. It’s about taking responsibility to find out why we're here, what we need to do and owning how we're going to do it.
  • Voice is our regular online colleague survey. All of the questions are related to our company purpose and values and it’s 100% anonymous. We like to keep it that way so our people feel comfortable to tell us exactly what they think.
  • Voice Forums represent the views of our people. They challenge the status quo and champion our values, working on values-based missions to help drive the right change in behaviours, mindset and ways of working. Voice Forums are open to all. In fact, we encourage everyone to take part during their time with us, it’s a real badge of honour!

Let everyone shine.

We might be fast paced but we make sure that we stop to celebrate success. With our digital Shine tool, you can recognise the great work and super collaboration of your colleagues who make The Very Group such a great place to work. The more you play to our values, the more you’re recognised and you can even build up recognition points to exchange for vouchers – spend them with us or, well, anywhere really! You could even gift them to your favourite charity.