Get to know our data product owner, Claire

Q. Hey Claire, welcome to the Very blog. First things first, as a relatively new teammate what are your impressions of The Very Group? 

It has to be that it is a truly customer and people centric organisation. The customer is always at the heart of any communication we recieve; the digital conferences and balcony briefings talk to the effort that is being put in to understanding our customers and tailoring experiences to provide excellent customer service. 

One of the people focussed events of note is The Ripple Effect programme which is open to all colleagues and partners.

It's a world class programme led by Dr Greg Wells which supports people to get the best out of themselves not just professionally but to improve their personal lives as well. It’s a fantastic opportunity that I think shows how important People are at Very.

Q. Tell us about yourself, what career path led you to Very?

My passion has always been creating outstanding customer experiences. 10 years ago I started to work closely with data teams to see how big data could be used to drive personalised and bespoke end to end customer journeys. I’ve followed The Very Group on LinkedIn for some time and as an organisation they talk about their successes but also about diversity, growing talent internally, charity work and the people events that they hold. This content led me to feel like I would be a great fit for the organisation so when a role was posted for a product owner to join the DNA team I applied. 

I also met some of the team members as part of the interview process and we hit it off straight away. It was clear to me that The Very Group was a great organisation to be a part of so when I was offered the role I was thrilled and accepted straight away. 

Q. What are you currently working on for our customers?

I’m involved in many initiatives across the tribes I work with but one I’m closest to at the moment is Retail Forecasting. This initiative utilises data science techniques to leverage our data and support our buyers and merchandisers with automated demand forecasting in order to assist them with buying more appropriate levels of stock. This in turn means driving customer satisfaction by having less products that are out of stock when they are trying to purchase them.  

Q. What app can you not live without?

Professionally I use LinkedIn a lot, its great to read content by other organisations, make connections and I also use LinkedIn learning to support my continuous development. Technology and data changes all the time so there is always something new to learn and I like the way they deliver content. 

Q. What was the last thing you bought from Very?

Nike trainers to support my journey in the Ripple Effect programme. One of the ultimate dreams I have set is to complete a Tough Mudder….I’m a long way off that but taking it step by step my initial goals was to get a decent pair of trainers to start working out in!  


Thanks for your time Claire, lovely to catch up, and good luck with your training for Tough Mudder… you got this! 

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