Your frequently asked questions, answered!

What should I do if I can’t apply for a role via your careers site?

Please email to discuss alternative options. If you need to contact us by post, please send materials FAO Talent acquisition team, The Very Group, Skyways House, Speke Road, Speke, Liverpool, L70 1AB.

How do I apply for a role?

Once you’ve found a suitable role here, click ‘Apply’, then create a profile and submit your CV or LinkedIn profile. Our talent acquisition team and relevant agency partners may also reach out to individuals who have not applied for roles. If there is a mutual interest, we'll direct you through to Workable, our applicant tracking system, to start the hiring process.  

What accessibility support is available on your careers site?

The circular logo on the bottom right of our site is an accessibility tool powered by Recite Me. You can personalise the site experience to suit your needs, including converting text to audio, changing font sizes and colours, and translating text.

Are your closing dates fixed?

We may have multiple live roles under one job ad, with a flexible closing date until those roles are filled. We may also close applications earlier than the original deadline if we find the right applicants sooner than expected. We encourage you to apply as soon as you can.

What’s the minimum requirement for submitting a job application?

While the most desirable skills and experience for specific roles are listed in job ads, anyone is welcome to apply.  To submit an application, we need your name, email, phone number and a CV or LinkedIn profile. Although cover letters are not essential, they’re a great way to stand out, so we recommend including one if possible.

Will you tell me when a job has been filled?

Yes. We notify all candidates about the outcome of their application. Candidates who reach interview stage will receive feedback on interviews they have undertaken. 

Who can see my profile and application?

Your profile and application are visible to The Very Group’s  talent acquisition team as well as hiring managers and members of the hiring team.

Can I apply from another country?

We accept applications from any candidate who is eligible to live and work in the UK. For candidates who are not eligible to live and work in the UK, sponsorship sought by the candidate would be considered, should the role meet our internal criteria.  

After submitting my application, can I edit my information or add anything? 

Please contact our talent acquisition team (, who can make changes on your behalf. 

I'm not able to attend my interview on the date given. Is it possible to request a different interview date? 

Please let the talent acquisition team ( know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee an alternative date, but will offer one if possible.

Do you reimburse interview travel expenses?

We are generally unable to reimburse travel expenses. However, there may be exceptions. Please discuss this in advance with your contact in our talent acquisition team.  

Why have you asked me to bring an in-date passport to my interview?

We use your passport to confirm your nationality and your right to work in the UK before an offer of employment can be made. You won’t be asked to leave your passport with us.

I do not have an in-date passport to bring to my interview. What should I do? 

Please bring an original copy of your full birth certificate. For employment law purposes, copies are not acceptable. You won’t be asked to leave your birth certificate with us.

Will I get feedback on my application if I was not successful?

Unfortunately, due to the high numbers of applications we receive, we're unable to give feedback to applicants who do not reach interview stage.

After my interview, how long will it take to find out if I have been successful?

Interviews are often spread over a few days, and sometimes weeks. We need to ensure we have spoken to all candidates before making a decision, so the timing may vary.  Our talent acquisition team will keep you informed  throughout the process.

If there are internal candidates applying for the role, is it worth me applying?

Yes. Our recruitment process ensures all candidates are treated equally, regardless of whether they are internal or external. 

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes. Please contact

Can I delete my profile data?

Yes. Please contact