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    Manchester Digital Senior Tech Talk

    Our Digital Customer Experience Director, Paul Hornby, sat down with Manchester Digital for their latest Senior Tech Talk to discuss our digital journey and how we've improved customer experience and engagement.
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    DevLab podcast: 4 Pillar Data Strategy and Tech Returners!

    Our Chief Data Officer, Steve Pimblett, and Matt Drew, our Head of Customer Analytics and Research sat down with the team at Hackajob to chat on a range of topics for their DevLabs podcast. Check it out.
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    SheCanCode’s Spilling The T

    Hear from The Very Group's Sue Irving, Lucie Farrington and Rachel Wright as they discuss the term ‘accessibility’ and why it’s so important in web design - all on the SheCanCode podcast.
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    Revolutionising the Very App: DCX Tribe Innovations

    Curious about our migration towards microservices? David spoke to hackajob to uncover how it will unleash speed and agility.
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  • Alainnah Joyce photo

    DCX download with Head of Product Alainnah Joyce

    Alainnah Joyce on how our tech transformation will redefine Very's digital customer experience (DCX)
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  • Carl Dickinson DevLabs

    Lead Tech Architect Carl Dickinson on the DevLabs podcast

    Carl talks to Hackajob about his extensive experience in tech, how he’s building a team, and our tech transformation
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  • Hackajob A Platform Engineer's Story

    Principal Platform Engineer Kyle talks to Hackajob

    Kyle caught up with our friends over at Hackajob to share his experiences and talk about the tech that keeps our operations running smoothly
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  • Growing at Very. Our new platform, Udemy

    Growing at Very with Udemy

    We recently added a fantastic learning platform, Udemy, to our offering for our teammates. Let's find out how it's going down with our people in this Q&A with Stephen, service desk analyst at Very.
    Meet Stephen
  • Matt Grest

    Matt makes Influential Tech leaders list

    Matt's care for his team, supportive working environments, and the opportunities he creating for career growth during our tech and data transformation has earned him a spot on this credible list.
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  • Sarah Willett

    Five ways we’re making Very a great place to work

    What people want from their job and their employer has shifted and continues to evolve. At Very, our ways of working are evolving too.
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  • Career returners

    Catching up with our career returners

    We caught up with our career returners to hear about their advice and reflections so far since joining us at the start of 2022.
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    Asha catches up with SheCanCode

    Asha caught up with our friends at SheCanCode to share some of the things we're working on in tech to help UK families shop and pay for the things they love.
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  • Tech forum

    Tech forums are back

    Tech talks are back! In this one, Rob, our principal software engineer, shares how he's using OperationQueue APIs to improve the App experience for our customers.
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  • Ksenija at dinner

    Going back to where it started

    Ksenija is one of our lovely senior data analysts who joined us in 2019 on our graduate scheme. Hear more about her path to senior data analyst here.
    Meet Ksenija
  • Harriet and Ben video

    Get to know our chief financial officer, Ben

    Early talent teammate Harriet got to know the man behind the numbers, our chief financial officer Ben Fletcher, in the latest 'Get to know' video.
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  • Jag blog pic

    Female role models in operations

    "I've been inspired by a female operations director I worked for in the past, she had strong leadership qualities of which I learnt from and developed towards."
    Meet Jag
  • Karen Stothers gender campaign

    Say hello to Karen, head of technology, retail

    "I feel very fortunate to work in roles I love with great people and to be able to take my girls to school a couple of days a week."
    Meet Karen
  • Elisabeth Mancini talks DCX

    Digital customer experience download

    Our UX researchers and designers are embedded into cross-functional squads (teams), working on defined product outcomes (goals), to help bring Very’s wider strategic vision to life.
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  • Jane catches up with Women in Data

    Coffee confidential with Women in Data

    Jane is one of our lead data scientists at Very. She talks all things experimental design, career paths, and an insight to the data community at Very in this Coffee Confidential with Women in Data.
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  • Intern roles QnA

    Q&A with our interns

    Get to know what being an intern at Very is like in this short Q&A
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  • Apprentices graduate

    Congrats to our apprentices

    After four years at Very, our apprentices graduated at Manchester Metropolitan Uni this week. We've loved learning from them just as much as they've learned during their time with us.
  • Pete DCX blog

    The DCX download

    Here are five of our most significant recent DCX releases, along with a sneak peek at what we have in the pipeline for the next few months.
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  • Will lee blog

    Meet Will, software engineering lead

    Want to know what it's like to work in the Tech team at The Very Group? Meet Will, our software engineering lead for the download on tribe life at Very.
    Meet Will
  • Tribe talks blog

    Tribe talks

    Get to know what life in one of our tech tribes is like in this new YouTube series!
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  • Work life balance Glassdoor

    Work life balance

    We've been recognised as one of the top 20 companies to work for in the UK when it comes to work life balance
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  • Steve P Drapers

    Our data strategy

    Our chief data officer, Steve Pimblett, shared the four pillars of our data strategy at a recent Drapers Digital Festival.
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  • Paulos BHM

    Black history month

    We continue to listen, learn and take action so we can build a brilliantly diverse team. Hear some of the conversation from Muktar, Paulos and Terence in this video.
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  • Roald Dahl

    An exclusive partnership with Roald Dahl

    It's what dreams are made of – Roald Dahl pyjamas and bedding for kids are arriving exclusively at Very to transport children into new worlds. Meet the team making it happen.
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  • Claire data product owner

    Say hello to Claire, data product owner

    "There is large scale change happening at Very. What is exciting for me is that data is an enabler for all these initiatives and I feel like I have the opportunity to be at the heart of driving Very into the next phase of its evolution."
    Meet Claire
  • HQ external image

    Drapers read up with our CIO Matt

    "We're absolutely committed to making Very the best possible place to work in tech, with genuine opportunities to learn and further your career."
    Visit Drapers
  • Meet Paul, our DCX director

    Meet Paul, our DCX director

    When he's not planning out a multi-year tech transformation to rebuild our front-end customer experience, Paul is checking out the latest Nike drop on Very! Get to know Paul in our latest Q&A.
    Meet Paul
  • Women in Data

    We’re partnering with Women in Data

    We’re super excited about this new partnership, and look forward to supporting and championing the incredible women in data and technology, both at Very and the wider data community.
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  • Design ops starting our journey

    Starting our DesignOps journey

    Our digital product function were transforming from a traditional delivery function to an autonomous, product-led squad structure. Our design team responded and documented it too in this UX must-read.
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  • Head of product Muk and the DCX download

    The DCX download

    "Perhaps I’m biased (did I mention I’ve spent a decade specialising in digital customer experience?), but DCX is one of the most fascinating and important areas of online retail."
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  • Paul progresses at Very

    We love to see our people progress

    Hear more from our senior engineering lead, Paul, on how he's found his first few months at Very, and his relatively quick promotion!
    Paul's career story
  • Communal areas at our HQ

    HQ lockdown glow-up

    "Our new spaces will be about high energy, high impact creativity and collaboration, all with a focus on improving the experience for our colleagues and our 4.5m customers. We’ll also continue investing in our technology and systems to make sure our people have the best tools for the job." Sarah Willett, chief people officer
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  • Meet Steve our chief data officer

    Get to know Steve, our chief data officer

    "The Very Group has one of the richest customer-centric data assets in the UK with insights across financial services, retail, e-commerce/digital, logistics and customer services. The only thing bigger than the data set is the ambition to drive value from it."
    Meet Steve
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