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  • Pete DCX blog

    The DCX download

    Here are five of our most significant recent DCX releases, along with a sneak peek at what we have in the pipeline for the next few months.
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  • Will lee blog

    Meet Will, software engineering lead

    Want to know what it's like to work in the Tech team at The Very Group? Meet Will, our software engineering lead for the download on tribe life at Very.
    Meet Will
  • Tribe talks blog

    Tribe talks

    Get to know what life in one of our tech tribes is like in this new YouTube series!
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  • Work life balance Glassdoor

    Work life balance

    We've been recognised as one of the top 20 companies to work for in the UK when it comes to work life balance
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  • Steve P Drapers

    Our data strategy

    Our chief data officer, Steve Pimblett, shared the four pillars of our data strategy at a recent Drapers Digital Festival.
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  • Paulos BHM

    Black history month

    We continue to listen, learn and take action so we can build a brilliantly diverse team. Hear some of the conversation from Muktar, Paulos and Terence in this video.
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  • Roald Dahl

    An exclusive partnership with Roald Dahl

    It's what dreams are made of – Roald Dahl pyjamas and bedding for kids are arriving exclusively at Very to transport children into new worlds. Meet the team making it happen.
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  • Claire data product owner

    Say hello to Claire, data product owner

    "There is large scale change happening at Very. What is exciting for me is that data is an enabler for all these initiatives and I feel like I have the opportunity to be at the heart of driving Very into the next phase of its evolution."
    Meet Claire
  • HQ external image

    Drapers read up with our CIO Matt

    "We're absolutely committed to making Very the best possible place to work in tech, with genuine opportunities to learn and further your career."
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  • Meet Paul, our DCX director

    Meet Paul, our DCX director

    When he's not planning out a multi-year tech transformation to rebuild our front-end customer experience, Paul is checking out the latest Nike drop on Very! Get to know Paul in our latest Q&A.
    Meet Paul
  • Women in Data

    We’re partnering with Women in Data

    We’re super excited about this new partnership, and look forward to supporting and championing the incredible women in data and technology, both at Very and the wider data community.
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  • Design ops starting our journey

    Starting our DesignOps journey

    Our digital product function were transforming from a traditional delivery function to an autonomous, product-led squad structure. Our design team responded and documented it too in this UX must-read.
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  • Head of product Muk and the DCX download

    The DCX download

    "Perhaps I’m biased (did I mention I’ve spent a decade specialising in digital customer experience?), but DCX is one of the most fascinating and important areas of online retail."
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  • New toolbar for accessibility

    Making our career site more accessible

    We now provide an accessibility and language toolbar to support all visitors to our career site. Psst.. it's in the icon at the bottom-right of the site! You can now customise your digital experience to suit your own needs, giving you access to our latest jobs and content, barrier-free.
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  • Paul progresses at Very

    We love to see our people progress

    Hear more from our senior engineering lead, Paul, on how he's found his first few months at Very, and his relatively quick promotion!
    Paul's career story
  • Communal areas at our HQ

    HQ lockdown glow-up

    "Our new spaces will be about high energy, high impact creativity and collaboration, all with a focus on improving the experience for our colleagues and our 4.5m customers. We’ll also continue investing in our technology and systems to make sure our people have the best tools for the job." Sarah Willett, chief people officer
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  • Meet Steve our chief data officer

    Get to know Steve, our chief data officer

    "The Very Group has one of the richest customer-centric data assets in the UK with insights across financial services, retail, e-commerce/digital, logistics and customer services. The only thing bigger than the data set is the ambition to drive value from it."
    Meet Steve
  • Future of delivery

    What does the future of delivery look like?

    Chris Haighton, head of outbound logistics shares how we are rising to the challenge of increased customer expectations and thinking creatively about every stage of our logistics operations to ensure the best possible customer experience.
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  • Skygate video news

    Meet our operations team at Skygate

    Say hello to our senior operations managers Jag and Nathan. They give some insight into what to expect... as well as the fun and wellbeing we have on offer onsite too!
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  • Career fair

    Early Talent on tour

    We're excited to be heading over to our partner university, Uni of Liverpool, at the start of 2020, come and say hi!
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  • ccc awards news section

    So good they won it twice!

    Rewarded gold by the European contact centre and customer service awards, in 2018 and 2019, for the most effective business transformation in customer service #ambitious!
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  • John_Whittaker.jpg

    James Whittaker

    For 1 night only, we had the pleasure of sponsoring the Liverpool Tester Gathering and hearing from the almighty James Whittaker! Not only a great coup for the tester gathering, but a huge privilege for the great city of Liverpool!
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  • Tech forum

    Tech Forums at The Very Group

    Want to sit back, learn something new in a cool environment with some pretty cool tech folk? Of course you do!
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